Network Capacity Planning and Baselining with LiveNX

Know How Much Capacity is Being Used and Understand Bandwidth Constraints

LiveNX utilizes Flow, QoS, and IP SLA on LiveAction to help with capacity planning and performance baselining. Generate synthetic network traffic with LiveNX to perform pre-deployment assessments.

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Capacity Planning and Performance Baselining

Assess Your Network and Prepare for Future Needs

  • Network Capacity Assessment

    Flow and QoS reporting enables understanding of current capacity usage by site, by application, by class, and more

  • Service-Assurance Verification

    Test network performance by measuring jitter, delay, packet loss, and plan capacity with IP SLA VO tests before deploying rich media applications

  • Out-of-Bandwidth Avoidance

    Establishing a baseline enables organizations to proactively understand when capacity is needed and avoid bandwidth depletion that can negatively affect application performance

View real time performance statistics for any interface

LiveNX Maximizes Your Network Investment by Leveraging Technologies in Routers, Switches and Firewalls

  • Flow Visualization
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • IP Service Level Agreement (IP SLA)
  • IP Service Level Agreement Video Operation (IP SLA VO)
  • Network-wide/site-based dashboards and detailed reports provide bandwidth utilizations enabling understanding of current usage and baseline
  • GUI-based IP SLA tests (latency, jitter, packet loss, etc.) allow assessment of network performance
  • GUI-based IP SLA Voice Operations (VO) tests load up the network with test RTP streams to ascertain if it is ready for new video services